Wouldn't It Be Great To Always Start with A Great Foundational Plan Before Training Starts?

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We give you a plan and solution to make this simple and painless!

As a team leader or director, build a technical rope team difficult. Maintaining and elevating productivity is even harder; To say there is a ton of juggling is an understatement. We have a framework that moves you from Administration through Technician level skill sets. 

  • Bombproof Anchors
  • ​Multi Point Anchors
  • ​Scenario Base Knots
  • ​Managing Friction
  • ​Staggering Anchors to Increase MA
  • ​Critical Angles for Highlines and Offsets
  • ​Portable Anchors
  • ​Reeving Systems
  • ​Confined Space Rescue Rigging
  • Intro to Two Tension Rope Systems
  • ​Rigging for Artificial High Directionals
  • ​Trackline Offsets
  • ​Major Two Rope Offsets with SA Frames
  • ​Dynamic Directional Offsets

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